The cornerstone for mensaura was laid in 2010 with a good Bavarian beer. However, it took until 2016 to develop and optimize the mensaura measuring instruments to market readiness.
In 2017, the first public appearance at Sensor + Test in Nuremberg took place at the joint stand “young, innovative companies” with resounding success. Despite the supposedly young company, more than 15 years of experience in pressure and flow measurement lie behind the name mensaura and thus speak for quality, precision but also for unconventional ideas and fast, individual solutions.


Sensor+Test 2018

For the first time, the new product ranges were presented to the public at the Sensor + Test 2018

Extension of the product range

2016 to 2018 – Development of new devices and expansion of the portfolio with mass flow controllers, liquid flow meters and data loggers

Sensor+Test 2017

The first public appearance at the Sensor + Test 2017 with presentation of the pressure and flow measuring devices

The development

2011 – 2015: Basic technologies were developed, first prototypes were built to be modified and optimized shortly thereafter. In the end, the current pressure gauges and flowmeters from mensaura were created.

The idea

2010: The idea for mensaura was created in a cozy pub with good Bavarian beer.