OTIS pressure gauge

OTIS pressure gauge

Pressure gauge in the control panel housing

Bild des Drucktransmitter OTIS

The pressure gauge OTIS for panel mounting is available with internal sensor with measuring ranges from 10 mbar/D to 5 bar/D and with external stainless steel sensor up to 100 bar/R.


  • Processor controlled linearization
  • Taring at the push of a button
  • Bidirectional USB communication
  • Large LCD display
  • 5 selectable units
  • 9-stage damping
  • Panel housing with recessed buttons
  • Bluetooth interface (optional)


The devices of the OTIS series are highly precise pressure gauges and have been specially designed for installation in switchboards. The devices have a large, illuminated graphic display for displaying the measured value, as well as an analog current or voltage output. Based on the robust and proven electronics of the SOLANUS series, we have developed the OTIS as a measuring device which can convince through its extensive equipment, high accuracy and versatility.
Thanks to temperature-compensated sensor technology and state-of-the-art processing technology, the measuring curve of these devices is linearized and thus achieves the excellent accuracy that is characteristic of all mensaura pressure gauges. For bidirectional communication, a USB port is available, via which the devices can be configured and remote-controlled. In addition, the USB port of the digital serial output of the measured value is used. This is made possible by an integrated USB-to-serial converter, which can be addressed under various operating systems with free software
The devices can be tared by means of a button, software or via an externally connected button. An adjustable 9-stage damping is used to calm the display in the case of fluctuating or pulsating pressures. The damping is adjusted by means of buttons or software. The devices of the OTIS series offer the possibility to switch the unit of the measured value via a button or via the software. For this purpose, four additional units are available in addition to the basic unit “mbar”. The devices of the OTIS series are calibrated with air by default, but are also suitable for the measurement of other dry, non-corrosive gases.
Various analogue output signals, a generous, illuminated LCD display as well as measuring range between 10 and 5000 mbar make the OTIS to the all-rounder among the differential pressure transmitters.


Current output
  • 4…20mA
  • 16…20mA*
Digital output Bluetooth, virtual com-port


Technical specifications

Device name

Model name

Order number




Measuring ranges


  • 10 mbar – difference
  • 20 mbar – difference
  • 50 mbar – difference
  • 100 mbar – difference
  • 200 mbar – difference
  • 500 mbar – difference
  • 1000 mbar – difference
  • 2000 mbar – difference
  • 5000 mbar – difference
Accuracy ± 0,5% rd. + 0,5% fs.
Dynamics 1:10 (10…100%)
Resolution (switchable) 0,001 / 0,01 mbar

0,01 / 0,1 mbar

0,1 / 1 mbar

up to full scale 50 mbar

up to full scale 500 mbar

up to full scale 5000 mbar

Additional selectable units kPa, PSI, Torr, inHg
Sensor technology Piezoresistive sensor,

temperature compensated

Pressure direction Bi- or unidirectional sensor

The positive overpressure at port P+ is calibrated


Get the complete data sheet here: Data sheet – OTIS

Operating instructions, software and further downloads can be found here.

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