SOLANUS.usb pressure transmitter

SOLANUS.usb pressure transmitter

mobile pressure transmitter for the USB port

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Mobile pressure gauge for operation on the USB port of tablets, notebooks, etc.


  • Processor-controlled linearization
  • Taring at the push of a button
  • USB port
  • Bidirectional USB communication
  • Power supply via the USB port
  • (optional) 4 … 20mA output
  • 5 selectable units
  • 9-stage damping
  • Robust metal housing


The SOLANUS.usb pressure transmitter has been specially developed as a USB special edition of the SOLANUS series for use at the USB port of a notebook or tablet.

The “small brother” of the SOLANUS comes in a small, robust metal housing and can be controlled and powered by the USB port of a notebook or tablet. It is therefore perfect as a mobile companion for all measuring tasks.

The output of the measured value or the signal transmission / control is effected digitally via the integrated serial-USB converter and can be implemented with free software.
The SOLANUS.usb can be operated with various types of devices (notebooks, tablets, smartphones) as well as various operating systems. For the stationary use of the SOLANUS.usb, a version with an external 5V power supply is available as an alternative. By using high-quality 16-bit digital-to-analog converters, the device can be optionally extended by a precise and low-noise 4 … 20 mA current output. As with the normal SOLANUS, the SOLANUS.usb is digital linearized, and thanks to state-of-the-art processing technology and temperature-compensated sensors, the same excellent accuracy is achieved.
Of course all the relevant functions of the SOLANUS are available:
The device can be tared via the integrated push-button, the software and for versions with external voltage supply (and / or 4 … 20mA signal output) also via an externally connected push-button. The adjustable 9-stage damping is used to stabilize the display during fluctuating or pulsating pressures. The damping is also adjusted via the software as well as the switching of the various units.
The devices are calibrated with air by default, but are also suitable for the measurement of other dry, non-corrosive gases.
Whether as a handy, mobile companion or stationary, the SOLANUS.usb delivers the best results with the smallest dimensions and thus becomes the “Swiss Army knife” among the portable pressure measuring devices.


Current output 4…20mA via 4 pin connector, Binder

type 719

Power supply External 5V power supply via

4 pin connector, Binder type 719

Technical specifications

Device name

Model name

Order number



Measuring ranges


  • 10 mbar – difference
  • 20 mbar – difference
  • 50 mbar – difference
  • 100 mbar – difference
  • 200 mbar – difference
  • 500 mbar – difference
  • 1000 mbar – difference
  • 2000 mbar – difference
  • 5000 mbar – difference
Accuracy ± 0,5% rd. + 0,5% fs.
Dynamics 1:10 (10…100%)
Resolution (switchable) 0,001 / 0,01 mbar

0,01 / 0,1 mbar

0,1 / 1 mbar

up to full scale 50 mbar

up to full scale 500 mbar

up to full scale 5000 mbar

Additional selectable units kPa, PSI, Torr, inHg
Sensor technology Piezoresistive sensor,

temperature compensated

Pressure direction Unidirectional sensor

The positive overpressure at port P+ is calibrated



Get the complete data sheet here: Data sheet – SOLANUS.usb

Operating instructions, software and further downloads can be found here.

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