BOREAS – massflow transmitter

Flow transmitter in splash-proof IP65 housing

  • Processor controlled linearization
  • Taring at the push of a button
  • USB port (internal, external optional)
  • Bidirectional USB communication
  • (optional) large LCD display
  • 5 selectable units
  • 6 gas standards switchable
  • 9-stage damping
  • Protection class IP65
  • Bluetooth interface (optional)

The devices of the BOREAS series are flow transmitters based on the calorimetric (thermal) principle in the splash-proof IP65 housing.
This robust design makes the devices very insensitive and allows very accurate measuring results even in rough environments.

The devices use state-of-the-art microprocessor technology for linearization of the measurement curve as well as temperature-compensated sensors, thus achieving the extremely high precision that these devices have.

The standard, internal USB interface allows bidirectional communication to configure the devices, as well as digital, serial output of the measured value with free software under various operating systems and is optionally available as an external, IP65-protected version.
The devices can be tared at the push of a button, using software or via an externally connected button.

They also have an adjustable 9-stage damping for calming the measurement signal in case of unsteady or pulsating flow. The attenuation is adjusted by means of buttons or software.

High-quality 16-bit digital-to-analog converters are used for the output of the analog signals, enabling precise, low-noise current or voltage signals.

The devices are calibrated according to DIN1343 with air (0 ° C and 1013mbar), but a total of six different gas standards can be selected via software.

The BOREAS housing can be opened without screws, thanks to the innovative hinge-closing technology, and a variant that can be opened without tools is also available as an option.

Various analog output signals, an optional illuminated LCD display as well as a measuring range between 10 mln / min and 3000 mln / min make the BOREAS an all-rounder among flow transmitters.

General specifications

Device name

Model name

Order number


LFT1 / (LCD-version)

Measuring ranges
  • 10 Nml/min
  • 20 Nml/min
  • 30 Nml/min
  • 100 Nml/min
  • 200 Nml/min
  • 300 Nml/min
  • 1000 Nml/min
  • 2000 Nml/min
  • 3000 Nml/min
Accuracy ± 1% rd. + 0,5% fs.
Dynamics 1:10 (10…100%)
Resolution (switchable)

0,001 / 0,01 Nml/min

0,01 / 0,1 Nml/min

0,1 / 1 Nml/min

up to 30 Nml/min

up to 300 Nml/min

up to 3000 Nml/min

Additional selectable units l/h, cm³/min, cm³/sec, in³/min
  • Adjustable gas standards
  • Din 1343 – (1013mbar / 0°C)
  • Din 102 – (981mbar / 20°C)
  • 936mbar / 20°C
  • 1013mbar / 20°C
  • 760mmHg / 25°C
  • ISO 2533 – (1013mbar / 15°C)
Sensor technology

Unidirectional sensor,

temperature compensated

Flow direction

Only positive flow

Calibrated at DIN 1343


Signal outputs
Voltage output

0..10V – unidirectional sensor


Current output (optional) 4…20mA – unidirectional sensor
Digital output

USB serial converter integrated,

bidirectional communication


Power supply
Power supply 12V…24V DC / regulated
Power consumption

Typical 70mA at 12V, 55mA at 24V

plus current output

Electrical connection

4 pin. connector, type Conec SAL8

* On request (not available for all devices)





Operating limits
Temperature range 0…50°C
Max. permissible flow 20 l/min
Max. permissible both side pressure
  • 25 PSI
  • 100 PSI – optional*
Warm-up time 30 min min for optimal results
Medium Air and dry, non corrosive gases


USB interface
USB port USB type B / mini
Transmission parameters

Baud rate: 9600

Data bits: 8

Stop bits: 1

Parity: none

Flow control: Xon / Xoff


Mechanical properties
Pressure connections

Hose connection with union nut:

  • 6/4 (4mm inside) – standard

Plug-in hose connection:

  • 6/4 (4mm inside)
Dimensions 155 x 80 x 70 mm
Weight 400 g
Housing material ABS
Mounting position Any
Protection class Splash-proof IP65


Scope of supply
Accessories (included)

Connector 4-pin, incl. Cabel 2m,

Type Conec SAL8 (SAL8 RS42)

* On request (not available for all devices)

Data sheet:

Operating instructions, software and further downloads can be found here.

LCD display Large graphics display
USB interface External IP65 protected USB interface
Current output 4…20mA
Digital output Bluetooth, virtual com-port
Enclosure Tool-less opening

* On request (not available for all devices)

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